Talk is cheap. Show me the data!

Matters is only ready-made solution with actionable insights.The rest is secondary. Practice and learn.


To meet enthusiasts, empower and learn each other



In general there're two approaches — top-down (from high-level to details) and bottom-up (from details to high-level). We belive that more important is to see a big picture and only later - rest.



The biggest one is your motivation. It'll need a big effort from you and you should have enough energy to finish.

Tools - python 2.7+, anaconda and git.


Success metric

The focus is solving data challenges in practice. For measure a success we'll participate in world class competitions - Kaggle and others.


How to join?

Please send an email to hello[_at_] with subject: "I want to solve the data challenges" and clarify your goals, skills (python, machine learning, kaggle and so on) and expectation in the message.