We know everything about machine learning, from the practical side. We implement it and share experience.

We design and implement machine learning so it helps your business.
One or several days of dedicated workshops for companies on business or technical machine learning.
We support groundbreaking innovations enabling companies to change the rules of the game for the better.
For companies
Workshops for business
Education online
Practical machine learning 101 for people or companies that want to dive deep into machine learning professionally.
Community work
Pro bono initiatives facilitating the first steps in machine learning. #5DWCHALLENGE
Project MATRIX

We guide you through effective implementation of machine learning in companies and teach your employees to think differently.
Your machine learning path
Sharing experience and knowledge is our main goal. Whether you follow our workshops or we implement innovations together to your business, you keep the know-how and build your independence.
ML for
for YOU
You're not sure which path is yours? Let us help you with that.
Leave the theory and experiments to us… You don't have time to err. We have proven know-how and stable solutions that work well in practice.
DataWorkshop is much more than just a business…

We believe in equality in acquiring knowledge and cultivate the principles of an ethical approach to AI. This is why we develop and support the idea of free access to knowledge and practices that can bring social benefits.
We share our know-how within various projects that allowed us to create a unique community of practitioners and enthusiasts of machine learning and AI.
At the beginning of 2020, DataWorkshop Foundation was established whose goal is to spread knowledge and support the realization of meaningful AI projects.
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