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A practical learning method developed by professionals, ensuring upskilling. Even during the learning process, your employees will be able to apply their skills to projects.
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The platform is available anytime – just create an account and log in. You don't have to worry about the environment or installing anything. Everything is ready to go. All you need is a web browser.
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In addition to the training platform, we provide substantive and organizational support for any questions or consultation needs.
What people think about DataWorkshop?
Software Engineering Leader w Nokia

The knowledge stays in your heads after the Practical machine learning course.

Attendees complete the course equipped with knowledge, materials and skills which allow them to start own projects.

The course includes many practical examples, ready to use scripts, theoretical explanations and links for further reading. I recommend this course to people who want to begin their adventure with machine learning and they're looking for a place to get practical skills.
Software Development Manager w IBM

Well prepared and valuable course - in my opinion this is super training to start with machine learning. I do recommend.
Senior Software Developer w Levi Strauss & Co.

The course organized by is the best way to discover ML in practice and start building models on your own. If you are interested in ML, this course is the best way to start.
CTO w FocusNet

Remarkably vast and substantial course based on practical assignments.

Perfectly prepared environment and materials allow focusing on exploring the content. Furthermore, attendees create a very helpful community.

I recommend it to everyone, not only to coders.
Łukasz Murawski
Network Quality Sr Specialist at Polkomtel

I highly recommend DataWorkshop. It's been a great value to me. Vladimir has definitely the knowledge and experience in the field.

However, what makes this course special is in my opinion his approach to teaching:
Students first - speaking the language adjusted to the audience
Top-down approach - high level concept first, details afterwards
Clarity - Vladimir's ability to explain difficult topics in a simple words
Real life examples and analogies

Although I'm a telecom engineer and not a certified programmer, after DataWorkshop I've managed to successfully implement a few ML models at work.

I recommend this course for anyone, who wants to get to grips with ML and AI quickly.
Software Developer at ATSI

DataWorkshop with Vladimir is a series of successful meetups on data science domain.

Targeted for beginners and intermediate level scientists, who want to expand their horizons with brilliant cases shared by Vladimir.

Very friendly and informal atmosphere encourages audience to actively participate in workshops and even takeover leading the meeting with their stories (for a few minutes of course).

His broad and deep knowledge on AI and Machine Learning let him inspire the participants and teach them new tools and techniques.

It is hard to organize workshops well, especially for people from different technological backgrounds. But DataWorkshop was a smooth ride, you just needed to follow the instructions provided in advance.

Great thanks :D
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