Data Workshop

Practical Machine Learning *

* For people who know or willing to learn Python (the easiest language to learn for beginners)
Learn by examples, without overwhelmed by mathematics details
Learn how to build end-to-end solution
Vladimir Alekseichenko
Founder & Trainer
Vladimir found the Data Workshop.

Dreamer & Father.
Start programming in 2006.
Start use machine learning from 2013.
Machine learning trainer (organized 9 workshops).
Perfectionist in the heart and pragmatic in the mind.
Host podcast about Artificial Intelligence (in Polish).
Public speaker (50+ talks).
Traveler (visited 28 countries).

He loves (data) challenges.
DataWorkshop in Numbers
It is the best way to improve your professional skills and become more valued.
What people said about DataWorkshop?
Łukasz Murawski
Network Quality Sr Specialist at Polkomtel

I highly recommend DataWorkshop. It's been a great value to me. Vladimir has definitely the knowledge and experience in the field.

However, what makes this course special is in my opinion his approach to teaching:
Students first - speaking the language adjusted to the audience
Top-down approach - high level concept first, details afterwards
Clarity - Vladimir's ability to explain difficult topics in a simple words
Real life examples and analogies

Although I'm a telecom engineer and not a certified programmer, after DataWorkshop I've managed to successfully implement a few ML models at work.

I recommend this course for anyone, who wants to get to grips with ML and AI quickly.
CTO at

DataWorkshop helped me to systematize my knowledge and gave possibility to use well-prepared example tasks on practice.

Thanks to the workshop I met other people interested in the topic, I could exchange knowledge and learned more about XGBoost.

It is worth to take part in workshops, being run in a good atmosphere, and Vladimir has the gift of translating complicated things in easy ways.

If you would like to try yourself in machine learning or talk to others about your experience, I would recommend you Vladimir's workshops.
Data Engineer at GE

I went to DataWorkshop to study, and to review what I knew about Machine Learning so far.

Mostly, I was interested in getting to know Kaggle and gaining practical skills, such as using Jupyter Notebooks and writing algorithms there. It is worth to emphasize that Vladimir runs the workshop in such way that it is possible easily follow him without special preparation.

Thanks to clear instructions for workshop preparation, I built the Anaconda environment and installed basic Python packages for machine learning.

During the workshops I learned how Python libraries work in Data Science and what they serve. Till that period I lost a lot of time to build the environment, choose Python version and libraries that are supported per version. Workshops (and preparation for workshops) helped me to deal with it in a very short time.

Workshops take place in nice places and have a pleasant atmosphere and teamwork. Vladimir has very good approach, he starts with little difficulty and gradually diversifies the examples and develops the main problem, encourages questions and discussions.

Workshops convinced me that it is worth to explore Data Science, get interested in Kaggle and what is important, this is not unreachable if you devote time to it. They motivated me to continue to develop, and thus to change jobs. Nowadays I work as a Data Engineer at General Electric.

I would recommend workshops to anyone who is interested in Data Science and wants to learn how to define a problem and sort it out. If you like asking questions and looking for answers, I would highly recommend it.
Customer Success Engineer at

I recommend DataWorkshop for all the people who are curious about the world. The first time I came to the DataWorkshop I had no idea about Artificial Intelligence not to mention about its implementation in Python.

Today, I am able to solve similar problems on a production data by myself. I did not only learn how to implement various algorithms, but also I've learned many interesting facts about the world, because each time we worked with the real data.

I do not hide the fact that sometimes Vladimir introduced elements of competition between us, what further was motivating to achieve better result than our neighbors. I will also add that it is a very good possibility for networking, because you can meet interesting people from different industries, all curious about the data.
Software Developer at ATSI

DataWorkshop with Vladimir is a series of successful meetups on data science domain.

Targeted for beginners and intermediate level scientists, who want to expand their horizons with brilliant cases shared by Vladimir.

Very friendly and informal atmosphere encourages audience to actively participate in workshops and even takeover leading the meeting with their stories (for a few minutes of course).

His broad and deep knowledge on AI and Machine Learning let him inspire the participants and teach them new tools and techniques.

It is hard to organize workshops well, especially for people from different technological backgrounds. But DataWorkshop was a smooth ride, you just needed to follow the instructions provided in advance.

Great thanks :D
Software Consultant at Sabre

Vladmir, in a very friendly, reliable and practical way explains complex Machine Learning (ML) models and algorithms. Does an overview of current ML algorithms and practical methods of using them.

Why attend DataWorkshop? High level of classes and interesting ways to present topics. Currently I do not use AI but I have plans for the nearest future.

I recommend DataWorkshop to people who would like to start their adventure with Artificial Intelligence and practical ways of using them.
Data Scientist

Being fascinated with machine learning I was looking for different ways to increase my knowledge and skills, and luckily I found Vladimir's workshops.

Thanks to them, I got to know the method of Gradient Boosting, which give you great results in practice, but is not very famous. Also, I practiced and developed other methods such as neural networks or hyperparameters tuning.

Workshops are good opportunity to meet people who really learn ML, very popular subject recently, many people talk about it, but only few do. For people who want to explore ML I recommend workshops as an important element of learning process.
Data Scientist at edrone

I participated in all workshops. It was (is) an extraordinary journey through machine learning. Vladimir, in a simple and interesting way, presented complex topics: features engineering, visualization, cross-validation, gradient boosting or regularization.

Big plus of the meetings is source code in python done during classes.
Workshops are well prepared, and apart from the presentation, they bring you closer to use of interesting libraries (eg xgboost, keras).

Besides knowledge of ML, I also got a practical knowledge of tools (python, jupyter notebook), which is useful for me.

Meetups with Vladimir are recommended to all people who are interested in ML and BigData.
Full Stack Developer at Guidewire

As someone with background in IT but totally new to Machine Learning. I really enjoyed participating in DataWorkshop with Vladimir. Training was well prepared and organized in multiple small steps.

That helped everyone to keep on track - on each step I've had the time to understand what and why we are doing. If some concept was easy for me to understand I could spend that time exploring more complex solutions trying to improve provided code.

I highly recommend Data Workshop to everyone who has small or no experience with machine learning. Please have in mind that prior knowledge of any programming language and command line commands will be quite handy.
Machine Learning Engineer at

At the workshops I learned how to carry out the whole process of machine learning from data preparation through model training to evaluation and use.

Vladimir easily explained the issues related to this, often referring to the real examples of the business value of machine learning.

DataWorkshop improved my knowledge primarily in the practical use of popular libraries for solving real problems.
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